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2022 Services

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Hour Arena - on/off lead rein session.
A nice introduction to horse riding for young and old. Children will be on a lead if required.
Child €30 Adult €35

1 Hour (Half arena, half trek)
A lesson in the arena followed by a quiet hack down the laneway taking in beautiful views of Keel Beach Dookinella and the magnificent Minaun Cliffs.
Child €40 Adults €50

2 Hour Lake and Sandybanks - Novice Riders
A trek around the village of Keel, taking in the beautiful lakeside, sandybanks and Keel beach sand dunes. Our most popular trek. Suitable for all abilities.
Child €60 Adults €70

2 Hour Lake and Sandybanks - Advanced Riders
A trek around the village of Keel, taking in the beautiful lakeside, sandybanks and Keel beach sand dunes. Our most popular trek. Suitable for all abilities.
Child €70 Adults €80

2 Hour Beach Gallop (Very experienced riders only)
Following an assessment in the sand arena, riders trek down to the sandybanks and onto Keel Strand. Beach Treks can only occur when the tide is out and is at a different time each day. Advance booking is required as these only run when tide, weather and times permit.
12-17 years €90 Adults €100

Pony Camp (7 years and upwards)
4 days of fun filled pony activities combining stable management and riding tuition.
Monday to Thursday - 9.30a.m - - 4 days - €160 - 1 day - €50
Our camp includes a daily lesson/trek, in and out of the sand arena, learning how to lead your pony in walk and trot, get your pony show ready, learning how to groom and plait, how to tack up and untack, points of the horse, and everything in between! Children will need to come with a packed lunch. Each child will receive their own Calvey's Equestrian Pony Camp Booklet and Swag Bag. Please ensure your child has a packed lunch and a drink each day with the suitable clothing as mentioned below.

Eligibility Requirements:

Height & Weight Limits

UP TO 5'2 / 1.55m11 Stone / 70Kgs / 150lbs
5'3 - 5'2 / 1.6m12 Stone / 76Kgs / 170lbs
5'6 - 5'9 / 1.75m13 Stone / 83Kgs / 182lbs
5'10 - 6'5 / 1.95m14 Stone / 88Kgs / 196Lbs

Beach Ride Conditions

  • Riders must be able to demonstrate girth and stirrup adjustments
  • Riders will be asked to walk, trot and canter in sand arena and if possible demonstrate a half seat/light seat position
  • Be able to 'take a pull' on an excited horse/pony & not overtake horse in front
  • Be over 12 years of age
  • Be under 14 stone / 90kgs
  • Ride regularly and be a strong 4 or a 5 on the rider info sheet

All riders are welcome to untack and sponge down their tired and sandy mounts after the beach trek

Ready to Book?

When booking your trek, we will ask for adult heights and weights as well as details of any previous riding experience. When booking in children, please let us know their age and give us an idea of their build so that we allocate an appropriate pony/horse. You will also need to let us know if your child has any learning difficulties or special needs, so that we can plan and have extra help, if required. We also have ponies that are better suited to children with special needs. We will need to make sure they are free for your session.
Full payment for all treks will be taken to secure your booking.

What to wear?

Long trousers are best with boots that have a clean heel. Wellies and hiking boots are not advised. We have boots of all sizes, so don't worry. Please make sure your children wear socks. A windproof jacket is ideal and please do not wear too many layers as horse riding can make you quite warm.

To book:

Call: 00353 87 988 1093

WhatsApp: 087 988 1093


Two horses trotting in Keel beach with Dookinella cliffs in background

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