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Achill Mountain Lamb
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Calvey's Master Butchers

Here in our Butcher Shop, Gráinne will happily deal with your queries and work to meet your requirements.

Our traditional Butcher Shop offers all kinds of high quality, locally produced meats.  These include, Achill Mountain Lamb, Organic Achill Mountain Lamb, Beef, Pork, Bacon, Poultry and Venison for all occasions, BBQ’s, parties and Christmas time.  We also offer a number of other locally produced products including eggs, bread and vegetables.

Having our own farm, abattoir and butchers shop to produce and sell our Achill Mountain Lamb, it enables us to give our customers that essential element of trust and assurance in providing full tracability of our lamb and meat products.  Achill Organic Lamb™ and Achill Mountain Lamb™ are our speciality.  This seasonal delicacy is full of flavours from the local herbs and heather on which the animals graze.

We are members of the:

Association of Craft Butchers of Ireland
Organic Trust Ltd

Organic Trust=Association of Craft Butchers of Ireland

Generations of visitors to Achill love the succulent and sweet flavoured meat our of Achill Mountain Lamb.  When leaving Achill after their visit it is a must to take either a whole lamb or at least a few legs of Local Lamb back home with them.  Some people have been known to drive to Achill and stay overnight just to restock before the winter!

Range of Products:

Organic Achill Lamb click here for more info
Achill Mountain Lamb click here for more info
Local Beef
Free Range Pork
Free Range Chicken
BBQ Beef-burgers, Kebabs, Marinated Chicken, Peppered Steaks, Lamb Ribs, Lamb Sausages, Pork Ribs and Pork Sausages

Low Prices

How do we manage to keep our prices down?

You will find our prices among the lowest in Ireland.  We produce and process on farm and the stock is sourced locally, this means we do not incur the travel expenses other farmers and producers have to.   These other charges include costs of the agent (buyer), also fees for auctioneering and administration.  They buyer passes these costs on the consumer.  As we do not incur these costs, we do not need to pass them on.  The animals also have less stresses to endure as they do not need to be transported long distances.


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